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How to Transform Your Garden into an Outdoor Room

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Over the last decade, people have come to think of their gardens not just as a place to grow vegetables or plants, but as a place of purpose. Whether the garden is used for socializing, sunbathing, playing with the children, or sport; the fact is that more time is spent out there than ever before. If you have a blank canvass to work on, many people will say that you are in an envious position. For the sake of this article, we will assume that you have an unlimited budget also. Now, the possibilities are endless. Here’s how you could transform your garden into an outdoor room.


Retractable Canopy

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, like the center court at Wimbledon, we could pull a cover over our gardens when it began to rain during an occasion? Of course, all garden shapes and situations are different but there are designers queuing up to offer you a solution to this problem. Maybe erecting the canopy will not be as simple as pushing a button, but the concept is perfectly feasible.

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Fitting a jacuzzi in the garden will ensure you get to see your friends on a regular basis. Nothing is more luxurious than a hot whirlpool bath. A very large unit can be purchased for about ten thousand pounds, so everyone has enough elbow room.

Summer House

Consider the use of a bespoke summer house to house a toilet and heated changing rooms, for your jacuzzi based parties. Your summer house will not be a converted shed. It will be a stunning feature designed and built by a true visionary.


Not the self-assembly kit that comes from a DIY store, think big. Take the permanent structure, in the image, that was obviously designed by a professional. Structures such as this beckon you to go out there and enjoy them. Intricate lighting systems can be installed to create a moody atmosphere in the evenings. Enhance them with high-quality wooden garden planters with stunning plants to remind you that you are still in the garden as it can be easy to forget. The pergola could have electrically operated drapes or blinds to give a little privacy or keep out the flying insects on a balmy summer’s evening.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture isn’t what it once was. Gone are the cheap plastic chairs in favor of high-quality furniture that would enhance any living room. You can now be comfortable and stylish with an entire garden suite made from the finest materials.


Now the garden is such a welcoming work of art it is time to bring some entertainment in. Imagine having your own garden cinema. An automatic retractable screen could rise slowly from behind a row of plants and the remotely controlled projector would spring into life with the latest movie. Wireless headphones would be available for each guest and a popcorn machine would churn out snacks.


A purpose-built gas barbeque will solve the problem of food. Not only is there the grill but also it should have some gas rings for saucepans. Astound your friends with your culinary wizardry. Well, I hope that my ideas have to whet your appetite to the point that you are making plans to visit the bank manager for that all-important loan. Just take this article along with you, he’ll understand. Keep a keen eye open for more of my articles, they could change your life.

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