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Three Exterior Design Elements Which Can Add Value To Your Property

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With today’s economy and the instability of the jobs market, it’s hard to buy a new house, although this action is no longer reserved for the rich and privileged. Many people go to the banks, many people assume the responsibility of paying bank rates and additional taxes for a very long time, only to own their dream house, a place where they can raise children, grow old, build a home for their loved ones. And if you checked the real estate market lately, you probably found out that when evaluating a property, it’s not enough having a solid foundation, new floors, reconditioned roof or brand new plumbing and electric system.


People who want to buy houses are thoroughly taught to look for everything together with their real estate agent and their building inspector, from the functional house appliances, to the size and structure of the garage, to the outdoor landscape (front yard, back yard) and since some insurance companies offer some packages that include pest control and damage repairs, you should better have a termite bond contracted with a local pest control company. Some companies also offer additional services and premiums to a termite bond, such as repair coverage, so if you want to sell smart, you should also have in mind this issue, besides checking your fridge and washing machine to fall into the category of low – electricity consumers.


Selling a house is almost as difficult as buying one because everybody wants to win a little bit more than the other party. So stepping out of the house, let’s see some outdoor landscape elements that might convince the potential buyers to pay the price and live there happily ever after.

First Impression: Impeccable Look

What is great about American houses is that they give the inhabitants the feeling of freedom, of open, constraint-free space. But if you want your garden or front yard to make a good first impression, the first thing you should care about is the pavement leading to the house and the one surrounding the house. According to the budget, house architecture, the available space and the available materials, you can trim and spin the looks of your front yard by making sure you have high quality green fresh turf, properly cut and cleaned.

Anybody wanting to buy the house will be discouraged by dry grass, bad and broken pavement, chaotic associations of alleys and wild bushes growing havoc. The alleys may not be new and you might not have money to recondition them, but at least make them look well defined, clean, enhanced by the green sparkle of the freshly watered turf. If you can afford it, you can paint old stone alleys with special outdoor paints and give the premises a rustic, vintage or even colored look.

Second Impression: Natural Surroundings

If you cared for your front or back garden enough, this will necessitate little effort to get the maximum of results. Many buyers will fall for sumptuous gardens with expensive furniture and designer decorations, but on a second thought, the long-term investment in maintaining that garden, be it front or back, might make them think twice.

 So if you don’t want to scare anybody, before getting ready to sell, work on the plants and flowers you keep around, rearrange their position and make the patio, the terrace, and the yards look like they can take care for themselves, in an easy, pleasant manner. Define the alleys with colored flowers and place the garden accessories in such manner they will make any potential buyer to wish to start gardening immediately.

Third Impression: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

This one takes a little more effort, but it’s worth it: if you weren’t the regular lawn moaner and the garden in the front or in the back look clean, spacious but completely dull and with little selling potential, you should make some affordable investments before meeting with the buyers: shrubs and bushes are very good “saviors”, as they don’t need to be planted in the soil (so you don’t have to become an agricultural expert just to sell the house), but can be placed in the front and back yard in oversized pots (stone-like ones are very in fashion), adding symmetry to the landscape or, on the contrary, a controlled chic wild look.

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If you have patches of soil that look ugly, turn them into small stones islands that surround pots of colored flowers or aromatic plants. Bring in some night lamps and hang them in a tree in a back or line them up in rows if you want to give the impression they’re there with the purpose of guiding people’s steps. If you don’t afford garden furniture or the one you have looks crooked, switch to oversized pillows and carpets and improvise a garden coffee table out of an old wooden tray. The vintage minimalist rustic look sells well nowadays.

Maybe it’s not quite ethical to the tooth to make last-minute renovations just to get some more bucks, but if you have a good house and everything is alright construction and safety – wise, a few outdoor investments may pay off for you and your future buyers too.

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