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Rugs Direct- Your One Stop for Hand Knotted Rugs in New Zealand

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When it comes to buying rugs, there are numerous options available. You might be thinking that a rug is a rug and they are all the same. Unfortunately, the statement is far away from the fact. The home decorative item can either make or ruin your home appearance. Your choice for the item can tell a lot about you like taste and status.  Not just hand knotted, but also hand loomed, hand tufted and machine made rugs are available to make your room attractive. With so many choices, the one that holds uniqueness, longevity, and richness, is the hand knotted.

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Rugs Direct has a remarkable range of high-quality hand-knotted rugs. Each piece is the epitome of creativity beyond imagination. People living in New Zealand can have a masterpiece in their home or office from the online store.


Why Buy Hand Knotted Rugs?

Each hand-knotted rugs are created with full of creativity and patience. The process of making is fascinating. High-quality handspun wools are used to create a masterpiece. These wools are dyed with natural colours at first and then with the help a loom they are knotted. The making process is time taking and lengthy. Experts who have knowledge and years of experience in the field can prepare the item. These aesthetically appealing rugs may take a few months to years to complete, depending on the creativity it requires.

They are costlier than other types of rugs because they are hand knotted and takes time to prepare. The best part of the rug is its uniqueness. Each piece is unique. Unlike machine made rugs, these rugs cannot produce in mass. They are so valuable to have. People often pass them from generation to generation.

 The natural dyed doesn’t fade with times. The texture and smoothness remain the same if you care it regularly.

Why Buy Hand Knotted from Rugs Direct?

The company is situated in New Zealand. It is specialized in selling modern, traditional, natural wool and hand knotted rugs. When you visit its hand-knotted section, filter options are available to find the customized piece. You can filter by colour, price, size, and style. The online store is providing you with complete details of a rug so that you can make the right decision.

Some handmade rugs are available at discounted rates to save you money. Each carpet can be viewed in several different angles because the store is providing more than one picture to evaluate quality.

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In case your budget doesn’t allow you to make payment at once, there is an option to pay off in instalment. It will be interest-free. The online portal has tried every possible way to win customer’s trust. It knows that handmade rugs are not something that you replace in a year, so each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are top quality hand-knotted rugs which you can buy online. The free trial facility is offered to observe the rug quality. The company also assists its customers to ensure their decorative items. Overall, it is one stop for hand-knotted rugs.

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