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Keep Your Home Cool With New Ductwork

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If your home is not heating or cooling properly, you may have a problem with your central air conditioner or furnace. However, if you have had your heating and cooling system checked and the air conditioning repair service contractors can’t find anything wrong, the lack of temperature control in your home may be attributed to malfunctioning ductwork.

There are various reasons as to why the above situation may arise. While in some instances it occurs after some years due to continuous use of the ducts, sometimes it can be instant. This mostly occurs if the duct was not installed properly. This results in loose seals, which allow both warm and cool air is lost in the ceilings and walls as it travels through the air vents in your home. In warm areas, having a leaking ductwork in the summertime can be annoying and uncomfortable, as temperatures rise way above average. You, therefore, need to crank the air conditioning as high as it can go to lower the ambient room temperature. This could easily send your electric bill through the roof!


If your home isn’t being cooled properly, calling an HVAC should be your first step. Thereafter, depending on the HVAC service’s recommendation, you will find yourself able to either repair your old duct or install a new owner. If you opt for new ductwork, your priority should be to contact an air conditioning company that specializes in the installation of such ducts and offers you a plethora of options for such kind of duct installation. Here are the three main types of ducts you are likely to get in a new installation.

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Sheet Metal Ducts

They are the most commonly used ducts in the United States. They are the favorite among many due to their smooth interior surface which offers least resistance to air flow when compared to other duct materials. However, these ducts need to be well sealed at the connection joints and seams. They should also be insulated with interior duct liner/ exterior insulation when they are in unconditioned space. Such ducts offer your home a reliable means of airflow to match your needs.

Fiberglass Duct Board Ducts

Fiberglass ducts are available in rectangular segments and are normally insulated and sealed during their construction. They provide excellent sound attention and their longevity depends on the application of their closure and fastening materials. They are extensively used for trunks, plenums, branches though they can also be used for run outs.

Flexible Nonmetallic Ducts

The flexible nonmetallic ducts are generally used for running outs and are connected to the branches, trunks and plenums. Just like fiberglass ducts, they are factory insulated. They are highly preferred due to their strength. This arises from the fact that they have few connections and joints, which reduces the likelihood of any leaks. Getting new ductwork from the various options described above ensures that you solve your heating and cooling problem once and for all. Be sure to hire someone who has the skills and experience to ensure you get the best ductwork supplies coupled with outstanding customer service.

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