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The Definitive Home Window Guide Including Pros and Cons

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Home windows are one of the most important aspects of your home. No matter how much you love the indoors, you still want to be able to see what is going on outside. Picking the right windows can be tricky though, as different windows, serve different purposes. Though by seeing what’s on offer and knowing the Pro’s and Con’s of each style of window, you should be able to make a better decision when the time finally comes, to choose the windows for your home.


Double Hung Windows PRO’s

Double hung windows look amazing and bring with them many benefits that aren’t just aesthetic. They provide great ventilation, as well as great sense of style. Thanks to the fact that these windows can be closed at the bottom, but opened at the top, they’re also a great choice when it comes to children’s bedrooms.


Though they look great, these windows might not be the best when it comes to energy efficiency. This is because they have an issue with their design, that causes them to leak air more than other windows. As well as this, only part of a double hung window can be opened at any given time, so you’ll want to consider other styles if maximum ventilation is your goal.

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Awning Windows PRO’s

A great style for those who care about looks, awning windows also have the benefit of letting in a lot of light. Add on top of that the fact that they can be arranged so that they’re in columns, they’re bound to impress if looks are what matters to you.


The fact that awning windows are designed in the way that they are, means you’re likely to have issues with dirt gathering on your floor, as opposed to the windows themselves.

Casement Windows PRO’s

Super for ventilation, casement windows also carry with them the benefit of being highly energy efficient. Great for areas that aren’t easy to get to, you’ll often find these windows in areas such as above the kitchen basin.


If not tended to, these windows can degrade fairly quickly. This can make them a potential source of entry, should burglars see your home as a target.

Hopper Windows PRO’s

These windows are like casement windows, though they have been rotated to a side angle, and so appear different. Used mostly in basements, the entire section on a hopper window can be tilted, so it opens inwards. Great for ventilation in tight spaces, hopper windows find themselves being used by those without much space to spare.


Since they tilt inwards, you won’t be able to have any nice curtains or blinds to put up against these windows. In addition, this, the way that they’re designed to open means that water could spill into your home if they’re left open during rainy weather.

Windows of Opportunity

What has been mentioned here is not all that there is when it comes to the world of windows. For example, there’s still Sash windows to talk about and even Jalousie Windows! Never mind, however, as you can always find out more by getting in touch with companies such as Sash Smart window services, and see what’s available on offer. Hopefully though, what you’ve learned so far should be enough, so you feel that much more confident when it comes to picking out the right windows for your home when the time comes to choose.

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