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5 Things to Think About When Shopping for a New Dining Room for the Holidays

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We all do it.  We invite the family and friends over for a holiday dinner and then look at the table the kids have scratched, or the dining room we haven’t changed for years and think, “It’s time to re-do this room for the holidays.” Well here are a few things to think about while you’re perusing the local furniture store for the perfect dining room.


  1. Lots of Leaves for Fall. Find a table that comes with as many leaves as you can fit into the room. Holidays are great for spending time with the family and everyone gathering around a large table for dinner. Nobody wants to drag in the plastic folding table, so be sure to choose a table that has enough room for the whole family.
  2. Save a Seat or 2, or 4! With all the extra guests and a table with leaves, make sure to purchase the right amount of chairs that will fit the table you’re purchasing. Once the leaves have been added, store these chairs in the garage, storage space or attic. Make sure to check the distance between the legs if you’re purchasing a leg table. Also, leg tables with self-storing leaves on the ends tend to create a longer table but do not allow for any more chairs to fit between the legs so you can’t seat any more guests; you just have a larger tablespace.Tables with leaves you add in the middle or double pedestal tables are best.
  3. Style? Or Substance? If the style of your home requires an elegant look for a dining table with a polished or lacquered wood top, table pads are the ultimate safety tools to keep the children from scratching your formal dining room. It will protect the wood from scratches, heat, sun, and fading. Don’t be afraid because you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance when you can have both!
  4. Plan ahead Every year we think about the holidays as they approach. The problem is, everyone thinks about it at the same time! Unless you’re able to purchase a dining set last minute off the floor and get it delivered right away, begin looking in August.Marc Primrose of Marc Primrose Designs knows how common this is and is one of very few stores who will sell from the showroom to get your dining room furnished right away, holiday or not. Labor Day is the weekend most luxury furniture stores begin to advertise sales for dining sets. Your furniture may take two months to get, so refrain from running too close to the holiday.
  5. Pull up a chair, but can you pull it out?  It’s great to get everyone at the same table, however, make sure you leave at least an 18″ to 24″ perimeter around the dining table with the chairs pulled out to where they would be if you were sitting in it. If a guest excuses themselves from the table, everyone shouldn’t need to get up to let them out, so make sure to leave your guests room to walk around each other without disturbing their fellow diners.

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